The reader will find that I have altered somewhat my earlier con- cepts as well as my interpretations. On the other hand, by subjecting three commanders and pharaohs to a minute examination different facets in the enormous field of ancient Egyptian military history were obtained. But this does not mean that these presentations lead to simplistic hero-loving or incompetent-hating evaluations. I have further not provided the gener- alist with a superficial canvas on which these warriors’ images loom ever so large and two dimensional. _Leadership under fire: the pressures of warfare in Ancient Egypt

Anthony John Spalinger

Professeur d’Histoire ancienne (égyptologie) à l’université d’Auckland. Parmi ses ouvrages : Aspects of the Military Documents of the Ancient Egyptians (Yale University Press: New Haven and London; 1982); Three Studies on Egyptian Feasts (Halgo Press: Johns Hopkins, Baltimore; 1992); (ed.), Revolutions in Egyptian Calendrics (Van Siclen Books:
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A Strategy of Reinterpretation
(Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts: Prague; 2011); with Jeremy Armstrong (eds.), Rituals of Triumph in the Mediterranean World (Leiden and Boston: Brill; 2013); Time and the Egyptians: Feasts and Fights (New Haven: Yale Egyptological Seminar; 2018); The Persistence of Memory in Kush. Pianchy and his Temple. (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts: Prague; 2019).



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